The Fixtures are in!

League officials today made the draw for the 2013 season in Belfield. In the bespoke surroundings of Meeting Room 7, right next doo to the league offices- team names were drawn from Tadhgcorp Tech Cups(TM). Amid the buzz of the fans could be heard the groaning and elated giggles of the assembled coaches. We bring you the breaking news of the fixtures here first!

 Two new coaches take to the big leagues as Sean Gilmore’s Asterians take on the Rats under coach Montague. The Veer-myn are no strangers to Belfield, but it remains to be seen whether the rookie coach is going to try taking them in a radical new direction, especially in the opening round against the enigmatic Asterians.

A high-tech Clash promising lots of pain is in the offing as Coach Reeve’s Abusement Park take on the ‘Bots under Hanrahan. Will the doughty Forge Fathers meet their match in the whirring strength of the Robot guards?

The Koopa Troopas under maths obsessed coach promise plenty of entertainment as the flickering lizards square off against one of only two teams representing the CPS the Belfield Blitzkriegs with the home advantage- Coach Kennedy’s attention to detail and careful, glacial, consideration and scrutiny of every move is sure to be a talking point!

Veteran coach Daire Rooney has been offered a lucrative new contract and takes the helm of the Bearded Ladies. These ex-circus performers turned pro-Dreadballers have a lot to prove, as does the coach with the best record in the league. Despite their lack of guards, the girls stand a good chance of doing some Damage as they take on Coach Benn’s Killer Hippos. This unpredictable coach is likely to surprise us somehow in the unorthodox plays he directs his pacifists to make. 

Gandolfi is sending his Bugs Life to the big leagues for their first outing in the league and his first time in the big leagues. This promises to be the comic relief match of round one as the bugs pincer Monkey Zee Monkey Do in the battle of the letter Z- will the experience of coach Kenny manage to pay off with the monkeys?

In what is expected to be a blood bath, The Plastics of coach Hasset, who himself may be part Orx, are going up against the unknown quantity of the Nameless under former Orx coach Laney. Lot of permutations in this match but surely, someone is going to get hurt.

So that’s round one, let the pain commence!



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