Round one roundup!

This is A. Nrd reporting for GS Sports news-

Game results are coming in thick and fast here from the Belfield League- and for those who missed the live casts, GS sports news is here with the first exclusive reports! Things kicked off as the Killer Hippos faced off against the Bearded Ladies. This turned into a real slog of a match, as the score counter sped from side to side each rush, despite inflicting the first casualty of the league upon one unlucky Judwan (Yan ‘Skinny’ Yin was later revived by Coach Benn who couldn’t bear to part with any of his players this early) the plucky ladies lost by a one point margin, but having proved just how dangerous they can be!

Game two saw Bug’s Life take to the field to emerge victorious by a margin of 2 points in what was a confusing game. Gandolfi’s critters performed admirably, but Coach Kenny continued his recent run of form as his cheeky monkeys failed to maintain any consistency in scoring or handling. Despite being famous for his impressive coaching of the Sphere’s most impressive Toddler teams, he can’t seem to make the same lessons stick with Monkey Zee Monkey Do.

New coach Hanrahan took the Turing Testers to the pitch against the much feared Abusment Park. The Forge Father’s put their technological mastery to use by comprehensively dismantling the robots. Both Sudo and Flash being taken out of commission for the game, and requiring serious repairs at substantial cost to the Coach afterwards. The Forge Fathers spend most of their time trying to hurt things, and won by 2 points. This reporter thinks it may well be time for Hanrahan to reboot his game plan before round 2.

The final action of the day saw Coach Gilmore take a brutally fast turn 7 landslide as the Asterians of Youre Lyan swept aside the skittering Veer-myn opposition of Coach Montague.

This puts Youre Lyan at the top of the table so far, with only two games remaining to be played this round before the MVP auction and draw for round 2 matches.

Table 1


2 thoughts on “Round one roundup!

  1. garathon66 Post author

    I have been contacted by the PR departments of the Killer Hippos and The Plastics. GS sports news would like to credit Hippo head coach Cormac Benn with plagiarising Men Without Hats to write ‘Safety Dash’, and also Plastic head coach Tadhg Hassett for his syndicated line “Pappa needs a new pair of Cormac not scoring!”.


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