Round 3 beckons!

Good afternoon sports fans, the dust of round 2 has settled and the results are in! As important as they may be, we here at GS Sports News feel that the exciting fixtures for round 3 are even more important!

And here they are-

Round: 3        
Round Player UD   Player UD
Match 1 Ronan 52mc VS Tadhg *
Match 2 Philip 2mc VS Isaac *
Match 3 Peter 11mc VS Cormac *
Match 4 Daire 21mc VS James *
Match 5 Simon 13mc VS Ray *
Match 6 Sean 35mc VS David *

The MVP auction will be taking place asap, and matches can begin on Monday! The following MVPs are going to be available, being auctioned in a random order. If an MVP was killed in the last round, the coach who let them die cannot hire them in this round!

MVP Start bid Role Plays for
Reek Rolat 9mc G Veer-myn
Rico van Dien 12mc S Anyone
The Praetorian 11mc S Anyone
Mellisandra 10mc J Anyone
Nightshade 8mc S All (except Asterian)
Mee-kel Judwan 12mc S Anyone
Ludwig 10mc J Z’Zor
The Enforcer 10mc G Anyone
Number 88 8mc J Anyone
Wyn Grethski 11mc S Robots
Firewall 10mc K Anyone
Anne-Marie   Helder 9mc S/G Anyone
Wildcard 9mc J Human/Asterian
Gabe 8mc J Anyone
Alpha Simian 20mc Giant J Anyone
Dozer 19mc Giant G Anyone





One thought on “Round 3 beckons!

  1. garathon66 Post author

    Also note that the following players have cash on hand they can bid with:
    Ronan 19mc
    Philip 12mc
    Peter 7mc
    Daire 3mc
    Simon m2c
    Sean 3mc
    David 23mc
    Ray 12mc
    Isaac 14mc


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