Choosing a team…

People have been asking me about the available teams in advance of the upcoming league, so I thought I’d give some detail of how they each play. Of course, I’m still learning their styles as much as you are, so don’t take this as gospel. Of course, chatting to the coaches who ran these teams in previous league is another good source of info!

I’m going to detail the teams in 3 groups, each season at a time.

Season 1 The ‘starter’ teams. These teams are the most ‘basic’ in terms of stats and rules. Only one of them has any special rules for a model and most have the same stats across the board.

 Corporation (Humans, ‘male’): These guys are the all rounder team. Simple to play. They have all three roles, and the most basic stats- as everything’s pretty much 4+ (aside from Striker armour of course!). This means that the team can hold its own against hitting teams and running teams, but doesn’t start off specialised as other teams might. What it does mean though is that, if you play them just right, you can use your players experience to specialise the team to best suit your style.

 Forge Fathers:  The short ones. This is a slow team. They have each of the 3 roles but start limited to 2 strikers, who are quite slow. Dashing with them being a huge risk. Moreover, if one of your dwarves falls, getting up on a 5+ speed can be hard. However, they have arguably the best starting guards who hit really hard and have the ‘steady’ ability, meaning they can’t be knocked down (they can still fall though). You still need to play a scoring game to keep up the league table, so don’t try to rely on a killing game, or your inexperienced strikers will be outmatched later in the competition.

 Veer-myn: Rats! Probably the toughest of the season 1 teams to play. This team has strikers and guards. The guards are average, their strength being no better than humans. They’re fast though. The strikers too are as fast as one can get, with speed of 3+. Their downside is a skill of 5+. This makes picking up, throwing, catching tough. Bitter experience has taught me never to use 1st action to try picking up, you’ll fail and lose the ball and your rush. However, cards, extra dice and levelling will help. Try to be making a strike attempt every rush, use speed to avoid dying!

 Marauders: Orx & Goblins. The only team to (technically…) feature 2 species. Orx guards and Goblin jacks. These Orx are tough, probably as good as the Dwarf guards but can be knocked down. The Goblins are average skill, good speed. However they’re jacks, so lack the ability to make strike attempts as often as strikers. Offensive coaches, cards and blue dice can help, but until you get these, try scoring over 2 rushes!

 Season 2:

Robots: An interesting team, probably quite tough to run, but rewarding when you figure out how (and tell me if you do!). They all start as jacks, and can use actions to transform into the other 2 roles. Their stats as guards are good, as is their striker stats. They move further as jacks however. So balancing your mix of roles is crucial, and of course depends on your opponents. Keep in mind, you only start with 6, so there’s nothing there to absorb casualties!

 Corporation (human ‘female’): A variation on the human team, only one guard, of average ability (same as the men), 3 strikers. Their strength lies in their jacks, who each get the ‘run interference’ ability to use once a game. Use these jacks to disrupt opposing play to stop them scoring or slamming, then use your strikers and 4 coaching dice to go for a landslide victory before a faster/harder team outplays you.

 Judwan: Peace, man! This is an odd, anomalous team. They’re all strikers because their ethos forbids violence. They have average speed, cannot score bonus points (so a landslide takes 3 as opposed to the normal min of 2 rushes) and get a special move to replace ‘slams’ whereby they can move opposing players. They’re a good team, but as they are all strikers there is not much variety to how they play, and a coach has very limited options.

 Z’zor: Back to a team with all 3 roles, the bugs have some interesting features. Their one guard is strong and high strength, their strikers are average. Their jacks, however, are the only (basic/starting) ones in the game who can move more than one hex to slam/throw. It’s a risk however as it’s a dash on 4+ speed! If it works though, they’re devastating and came 2nd place last year.  

Season 3:

Teratons: Right, this is an easy one to explain, large, bi-pedal, dino-turtles with a natural teleportation ability. See? The come in 2 flavours- guards and jacks. Their guards are hard and tough, good match for any others. Their jacks are average, again they might need 2 turns to score so keeping possession is key- use the guards to kill opposing strikers because they’ll steal possession from jacks. Also, none of them can ever be slammed from behind as they just teleport out of the way!

 Nameless: This is where the ‘technically’ from marauders comes in- this team is technically 3 species! The large 6 legged ones are their strikers who are average. Their crab looking ones, hard guards, and their cthulhu face ones- sticky guards. The key with this team is to use a sticky guard from behind to debilitate the opponent with ‘sticky’ then slam with the hard guards. Try any other tactic and your team is likely to be picked apart. While they do this you strikers will hopefully be free to score some points.

 Asterians: “Never trust and Elf”- Gimli. Words to live by for the Asterians’ opponents. This team has only one guard, 3 jacks and 4 strikers. Their players are all ‘fragile’ meaning they lose and armour dice. However, the ‘take a dive’ (jack) and ‘dirty tricks’ (guard) ability can clear an opposing team straight to the sin bin, or a sending off while your very fast, high skill strikers blast to a landslide!

 Zees: Just don’t play the monkeys. Seriously, don’t. They’re very very hard to play. I took them last year for fun, and because I really wasn’t in the running for the prize! They are immense fun, but massively frustrating to play. They also have more ‘abstract’ rules than other teams. Really for more advanced coaches. If you do want to run them, come and ask me about them.


Indeed find me, or any other of our star coaches for more info, or to learn about skills etc. Our lovely committee will also be happy to get DB for you for a game or just to look through the rules!


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