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Fixtures, MVPs, rules.

Attention Coaches! Just some housekeeping before the next round starts!

The following is thee result of the MVP auction last night:

MVP Start bid Role Plays for Bought by Final Cost
The Praetorian 11mc S Anyone David 11mc
The Enforcer 10mc G Anyone Ray 12mc
Reek Rolat 9mc G Veer-myn Not Sold *
Mee-kel Judwan 12mc S Anyone Not Sold *
Mellisandra 10mc J Anyone Sean 10mc
Wildcard 9mc J Human/Asterian Sean 9mc
Ludwig 10mc J Z’Zor   *
Rico van Dien 12mc S Anyone Simon 12mc
Wyn Grethski 11mc S Robots Not Sold *
Gabe 8mc J Anyone Philip 8mc
Nightshade 8mc S All (except Asterian) Daire  9mc
Firewall 10mc K Anyone Peter 13mc
Alpha Simian 20mc Giant J Anyone Ronan 20mc
Number 88 8mc J Anyone David 10mc
Anne-Marie   Helder 9mc S/G Anyone Sean 9mc
Dozer 19mc Giant G Anyone Ronan 19mc


That’s the last time we will run the MVP auction like that, as it’s too difficult to get you all together at once (for which you should be ashamed!). From the end of round 3, we shall operate a blind bid system. This will allow each coach to make 4 bids (in secret- via email). The bids can each be for the same MVP, different ones, or a mix. Normal rules apply, you can’t bid with cash you don’t have etc. Once all bids are in I’ll compare them and announce who has won the MVP for the round. This means everyone will have from Friday (or earlier) through to Sunday to make their bids- results will be announced Sunday nights.

Secondly, some rules updates I have to introduce following observations this week:

  • Game Length: League games are now limited to 1 hour in duration. Some coaches are taking far too long to play their rushes, it is not fair to your opponent, to the rest of the league, and is very much not how the game is played. If you’re opponent is taking to long don’t be afraid to hurry them up as they’re costing you!
  • Organising fixtures: You really need to start organising your games better, and organising your friendlies. The fixtures are announced days in advance, and there’s the whole weekend to message your opponent and arrange a time to play. If coaches need to play after 5 in the evenings, the game will be at board games and war games nights- other than this you must check with committee running any other events to see if they’ll be able to store the game in the office when you’re finished. The Committee are being very obliging in this regard so let’s not take advantage and try getting our games done earlier. No Starting matches at 5 if you haven’t arranged somewhere to put the game!
  • Friendlies: We’re still not getting friendlies played, so I have to formalise the process for playing them. 1) Can’t play a friendly against your league opponent for the round. 2) Can’t play a friendly against a team you played in a friendly last round. 3) Friendlies need to be recorded for home/away and to keep track of who has played. 4) If an MVP dies in a friendly you will not have him for a league match. 5) No team can play a second friendly until all teams have played one.
  • Communication and availability: It’s been hard for some of you to get games in- if you feel you can’t commit the time to 1 or 2 games a week, let us know now and we can replace you. Last week’s round could have ended Wednesday but we were waiting for just 2 coaches who were holding 10 other people up!
  • Game set-up and Layout. This is an important one folks: I have noticed some dodgy dice rolling and card dealing and it’s not good enough. This might be a fun game but remember we’re playing a tournament for prizes so lets keep it fair and above board: Players need to keep all dice, cards and action tokens on one side of the board. As action are spent, move them to the opposite side so you and your opponent can see. DO NOT move a player without first spending the action token or card. Dice should all be kept on one side and rolled on the other. If you’re not rolling a dice it cannot be in the field you’re rolling into. I’m going to start going mental at people doing this, really mental. cards should be left on the table, and care should be taken drawing cards- the deck should be on one side of the table, perpendicular to the edge of the board- the discard pile on one side, the event on the other. Cards should be kept orientated the right way- it’s getting very annoying having to sort out the deck before every game because people don’t care to keep things in order!

Any questions let me know, if there’s anything else I’ll let you’s all know!

David out.